Apply now to MOSFI 2020/2021

LUISS offers a unique opportunity for students who want to acquire a deep understanding of the field of Finance. The Master of Science in Finance (MOSFI) is a one year specialized program entirely held in English which provides rigorous training in finance. Upon successful completion of the Program, students are granted 60 ECTS credits.

Graduated MOSFI students have the possibility to achieve a second Degree by enrolling in the Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance, a two-year Master’s Degree Program awarding 120 ECTS. Maximum 36 ECTS from the MOSFI Program will be recognized for the fulfillment of Master’s Degree Program.

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Students graduated from MOSFI will have access to top retail and investment banks, asset management companies and other financial institutions. The Program signed agreements with several financial institutions to guarantee internships and job opportunities to the most outstanding students.

Students will acquire a deep understanding of the field through a rigorous and challenging training in Finance, Econometrics, Corporate Finance, and Asset Management. This will prepare students towards successful  professional careers.

Target students

Successful applicants will hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with an excellent academic record. Applicants will have a strong quantitative and economics background. Necessary condition for admission is a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business or Finance or related disciplines (Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Law, Political Science or Statistics).