Is the Master of Science in Finance (MOSFI) tailored for students with a Bachelor’s Degree (Laurea Triennale) or a Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale)?

For both. MOSFI is for students who want to take a one-year specializing Program, acquiring advanced knowledge in the field of finance, before starting their professional career in the financial sector. Students who are looking for a two-year Master Degree Program should consider the LUISS Master’s Degree in Financial Economics. Admissions to the two Programs are handled separately.

After completing the Master of Science in Finance, can I continue my studies with the Master’s Degree in Financial Economics?

If you plan on taking a two-year Master Program (which awards 120 ECTS credits), then you should apply from the beginning to the LUISS Master’s Degree in Financial Economics. Please refer to the admissions page for further details.

If, on the other hand, you want to enroll in the one-year Master of Science in Finance Program (which awards 60 ECTS credits), you still have the possibility to continue your studies at the two-year Master’s Degree in Financial Economics. Upon successful completion of MOSFI,  maximum 40 ECTS  credits from the MOSFI Program will be recognized for the fulfillment of Master’s Degree Program.

I am mainly interested in pursuing an academic career. Should I enroll in the MOSFI Progam?

MOSFI is a high-quality and demanding Program which will enhance your abilities and skills required to get a job in the private sector. If you are, however, interested in pursuing an academic career, you should consider applying to the Master of Science in Economics (MOSEC).

Financial Aid

Does the Program offer financial aid?

Financial aid, which is provided in the form of total or partial exemption of the tuition fee, is based on merit. No application is required for financial aid, as it is provided to candidates with an outstanding academic curriculum. Financial aids and scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis and mailed together with the admission letter. In case of availability, financial aid will also be provided to late applicants.

Application and Application Deadline

What documents are required for application?

A Selection Committee will evaluate the quality of all applications on the basis of the following documents provided: an official transcript of records which include exam grades; a certificate of English Proficiency; a Reference Letter.

Is there a deadline for application?

No, applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis until the maximum number of places available has been reached.

By which date must have I completed my Undergraduate Program in order to apply?

You must complete your Undergraduate Degree by December of the same year in which you are enrolling to MOSFI (for instance, you must graduate by December 2013 if you will start your MOSFI Program in September 2013).

Reference Letter

Are reference letters required?

Yes, a reference letter is required for application. We encourage you to choose a qualified referee who knows you well and can describe the knowledge, skills or aptitudes that you possess.

Can the referee write the reference letters in his/her own mother language?

No, it should be in English.

Can I provide a professional reference from my employer instead of an academic reference?

We specifically need academic references from professors or university lecturers who are able to give an academic evaluation of your intellectual qualities, abilities and potential. However, professional references in addition to an academic reference letter will be highly considered.

What role does the reference letter have in the evaluation process?

Reference letters play a very important role in the selection process. Its absence might affect the overall evaluation of the application.

Working while at MOSFI

Can I work full-time while attending the Master?

No, MOSFI is a full-time Program.

Administrative documents

What if I do not have an Italian VISA or my academic title has not been issued by an Italian University?

In order to enroll to the Master of Science in Finance you have to make sure that:

  1. your home country, if not an EU member state, has regular diplomatic relations with Italy in order to get the Study Visa;
  2. you obtained your Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) at a university located in a country with regular diplomatic relations with Italy in order to get the Statement of Equivalent Value (in Italian, Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco).

How can I obtain a study VISA?

All students from countries outside the European Union need to have a Study Visa for Italy. The Study Visa is issued by Italian embassies or consulates. The time required to process VISA applications is extremely long, usually three months or more, including the waiting time for an appointment at the embassy/consulate before the start of the procedure. This means that, in order to have the Study Visa at the beginning of the Master Program in September, you have to apply for it no later than June, that is, immediately after receiving your admission letter from LUISS. The issuing process for the Study Visa is conditioned by the issuing process for the Statement of Equivalent Value (Dichiarazione di valore in Loco).

What is the Statement of Equivalent Value (SEV)?

The Statement of Equivalent Value (in Italian, Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco) certifies that an academic degree (ex. Bachelor’s Degree) obtained in a foreign country or in a foreign university located in Italy is equivalent to an Italian academic degree (ex. Italian Bachelor’s Degree). Students who do not hold an Italian Bachelor’s Degree, whether EU or non-EU citizens, are required to provide the SEV in order to enroll in the Master Program.

Please note that the SEV must be requested in the country where the Bachelor’s Degree has been issued, and not in the country where the student has a citizenship. For instance, a Russian student who has completed her/his Bachelor’s degree in Great Britain has to apply for the SEV in London.

Foreign students with a Graduate Degree (Master’s or equivalent) are required to provide the SEV, which should be relative to the Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) being it the necessary academic requirement for application to the MOSFI.