“The MOSFI programme is a challenging and intense journey which allows to achieve a broaden and deep understanding in Finance. I had the chance to share my classes with outstanding professors and professionals belonging to the top management class of well-known financial institutions. I consider MOSFI’s strength to be
the great mix of theory and practice offered that provided students with a complete insight of the Finance environment. All of the above is combined with building lasting friendships and living in the most
charming city in the world.”

Lorenzo Iacovone (MOSFI 2013/2014), Transaction Advisory Services at EY FSO, London


“My name is Simone Colantuoni and in 2012 I gained a Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance at LUISS “Guido Carli” University. After an internship in the BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Banking division, I decided to attend a Master in Finance, with a high degree of quantitative contents, driven by the strong desire to expand my knowledge in finance and further apply it at work. I actually realized that only with a good financial knowledge I would have been able to operate whatever I want.

As of today I can say that MOSFI has been the right choice. The program covered a wide range of topics in finance and provided me with a deeper understanding of financial matters, classes were really high performing and professors were both academics and professionals of the financial industry, providing me with both theoretical and practical skills. After attending MOSFI, I feel confident to manage with the world of modern quantitative finance and to pursue my passion.

I currently work, as an associate, in KPMG Corporate Finance team of Rome. Thanks to MOSFI I had the chance to join KPMG and be part of the Corporate Finance team.”

Simone Colantuoni (MOSFI 2012/2013), Associate, KPMG Corporate Finance, Rome


“My name is Cesare Orsini and I majored in Quantitative Finance during my undergraduate study. MOSFI was an opportunity to refine my skills in Applied Finance, and I think it’s a perfect choice for students who have decided  to pursue a career in Finance.  LUISS is one of the most prestigious choices for students who want to get an education in Economics and Finance and the MOSFI program fully reflects this standing. The program includes a wide range of topics covering both practical and theoretical  aspects with a particular focus on quantitative subjects. Courses were organized in a flexible and interesting way, and teachers were very supportive and proactive. One great thing about MOSFI is that several Professors are executives in primary financial institutions, so students get an education strictly related to their approaching work experience. The MOSFI allowed me to get the first contact with my job position, offering me the opportunity to start a career in an Investment Firm as Quantitative Portfolio Manager.”

Cesare Orsini (MOSFI 2012/2013), Quantitative Portfolio Manager, Epsilon SGR, Milan